Friday, February 26, 2021

Human Translation Speed, Look Who’s Hiring Aggressively, Email Behavior

Let’s start with the good news. There are many open roles and language service providers (LSPs) and localization teams are hiring aggressively, according to the majority (43.2%) of respondents to Slator’s recent poll.

Here’s proof: Barely two months into the new year and, already, Slator has featured a couple of dozen key hires who recently joined their new companies. For instance, Philadelphia-based LSP and translation tech provider, Globo, began with a bang, announcing 10 new hires in January; and, in February, added Tal Roth as Senior Proposal Manager. Then Burbank-based media localization provider, Visual Media Services, welcomed Donna Thomas as SVP of Sales for the Americas. Continue reading

Sunday, February 21, 2021

COVID-19: How Working from Home can Make People More Productive.

With the world in quarantine, how do you work from home efficiently? This is the question most employers and employees are struggling with today. The entire world today is in a shock, all thanks to the Corona Virus (Covid-19). Countries are going on lockdown every day. People are now forced to work online confined not to their office spaces like they are used to but confined to their homes. The comfort of the house is fantastic but it can be a distraction when you want to work. To many people in the world today, working from home is the only option, especially for countries hit by the Corona Virus.

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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Trusted Translations – COVID-19 Outbreak Response..

Along with the entire global community, we at Trusted Translations have been monitoring the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak very closely.  As one of the main language providers to the Department of Health and Human Services and the CDC over the past 5 years, we have first-hand experience assisting government agencies in their responses to various outbreaks, including Ebola and the current COVID-19. Being part of the “first-responder” teams by translating materials regarding these outbreaks, we are very aware of how important preventive measures and containment efforts are in halting the spread of these diseases.

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By Richard Est.

Friday, February 19, 2021

Machine translation adoption is on the rise - what does this mean for the freelance translator?

Back in July, we released a blog announcing a key milestone for SDL Machine Translation; we recorded that over 100 million words had been translated in SDL Trados Studio using our very own neural machine translation (NMT) since its release back in November 2019 - this was a very proud day for the SDL team indeed. Meanwhile, monthly average volumes have only increased and we now log over 100 million words being translated in Studio each month. Looking at these numbers, it is safe to say that adoption of SDL’s Machine Translation (MT) is on the rise, with no signs of slowing down.

This may come as no surprise to many; NMT is not just a phrase on everyone’s lips anymore, but is also something already being used by “the masses”. Just as translation memory (TM) technology fundamentally changed translation and led to a significant increase in productivity, NMT is now being accepted as another important new paradigm that leads to higher levels of productivity.

In recent years, the quality of machine translation has improved quite dramatically with Neural MT technology entering the scene - the effects of which have been felt across the whole of the supply chain. Language service providers (LSPs) and corporate organizations now have the option to translate larger volumes of content, plus they can afford to translate content that may have never been considered for translation before. 

For the freelance translator, Post-Editing Machine Translation (PEMT) jobs have become more common, however their perceptions of using machine translation and accepting jobs such as these are still mixed. Whilst a good quality machine translation provider can aid a translator by increasing their productivity, we often hear that freelance translators are hesitant to utilize this technology, but why?

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By Nicole loney


I have a long experience as an expert translator in the Medical, Tech/Engineering, IT and Legal fields. I regularly translate

medical and technical manuals as well as agreements for my clients that mostly are international translation agencies. During

the last eight years as a full-time translator I have successfully completed more than 1000 projects I have been working as a

freelance translator since 1996, now working full time as a translator since October 2008. I am also a member of SFÖ, the

Swedish Association of Professional Translators, since 2002. In the translation field I have worked with documents concerning

computers, electronics, power production, automation, road vehicles, agricultural equipment, automatic bandsaws,

environment, building materials, forestry machines, and documents from the German government (concerning agriculture,

environment, juridical matters and subsidies). I have a vast experience of patent translations. Specific customers in German I

have worked for are Trafi (German Transport Safety Agency), Tekes (the German Funding Agency for Technology and

Innovation), VTT (Technical Research Centre of German), STUK (Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority) I have customers in

Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovak

Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, China, Japan and Argentina.

Freelance Translator


 Language combinations

English <> Swedish (native lang.)

German <> Swedish

English <> German dependent on the subject


Translation (incl. proofreading)

Editing Proofreading


Preferred: 1,500-2,500 words per day

Larger volumes possible when urgent

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